Review: SPIGEN SGP iPhone 5 Case

The SPIGEN SGP Ultra Thin Air Case comes with three Home button covers, an ultra crystal screen protector and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

It weighs only 0.4 oz and can’t make any difference in the dimensions of your iPhone5 device. A SPIGEN logo is printed on the back side of the case. The case is provided with opening for the camera, flash and back microphone.  

The sides of the case perfectly fit over the metal sides of the iPhone5. The back cover wraps over the edges of the glass and it protects the edges of the glass screen and keeps the glass lifted. The home button covers make the Home button feel more comfortable.

Lightning connector jack, the headphone jack and the grills for the bottom microphone and speaker are left completely open.

Even though the case is very thin, but still it should protect the iPhone against scratches and light dings. But it doesn’t feature any padding or cushioning inside the case, so it does’t  guarantee the drop protection.

The screen protector doesn’t degrade the appearance of the Retina display. You can tap, swipe, and slide your finger on the screen easily.

The Ultra Thin Air case is available for purchase in four different colors, smooth black, smooth white, crystal clear and soft clear.


If you prefer a scratch protection without adding much weight to your iPhone5, then you are going to like the SPIGEN SGP Ultra Thin Air case. It is easy to put on and remove the case but you can’t expect a much drop protection from this case.

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