Review: Speck FabShell iPhone 5 Case

Let’s talk about the Speck FabShell mobile case today. Made of fresh fabric, the new case is a fashion statement that offers protection for your Apple iPhone5.

Speck has updated their fabric-covered case to fit the new lengthy iPhone 5. For those are in search of a perfect iPhone case, we suggest this one could be perfect.

The case is designed so well that it will perfectly protect your iPhone device. The device has a rubber layer directly on the inside up against the phone. Over this rubber layer it has hard plastic.

Therefore it will not bend easily and provide protection from sharp things like needles or something like that.

The plastic lining on the outside feels great. Before putting the device in the case make sure that it is neat and clean and has no dirt.

The case comes with individual holes for the headphone and lightning ports and groupings of dots for the speaker and microphone. It doesn’t feel either tight or loose and the fabric is comfortable to hold in hand.


Overall, it is an iPhone case with good looks and feel. It will surely protect your iPhone 5 device from scratches and scuffs. But for those who constantly drop their phone this one is not a good option.


  • Light weight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Easy to handle
  • Available in different patterns


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