Review: Sculpt Keyboard from Microsoft

Microsoft’s new Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is a wireless keyboard  powered by two AAA batteries and connects to the computer via  an USB stick. This ergonomic keyboard claims to reduce the wrist strain and make typing easier.

Talking of the design,  Sculpt is slightly curved and looks nice. The manufacturer has transformed the space bar into two different buttons. When you hold one of the shift keys, the left space button turns into a spare backspace key.

Holding the shift key and hitting the space bar is much more comfortable than reaching for the backspace key.

The slightly curved keyboards help  improve the typing speed slightly. Once you hit the keyboard, it  produces pretty satisfying sound and not the ‘click’ sound in the mechanical keyboard.

The Sculpt has keys for volume and audio playback and it also includes keys for search, share, devices, and settings keys.

The keyboard comes with a detachable wrist pad, which is soft and comfortable. With a metal hook and a couple of metal plates it attaches to the bottom of the keyboard and locks into place. The stands are attached to underneath the wrist pad.


The Sculpt Comfort Keyboard is an excellent keyboard with good wireless functionality and some special features. The only problem is that the Keyboard has a tendency to slide around when it’s up on its stands or placed on a hard, smooth surface.

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