Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Vorwerk VK100 is Simple and Comfortable

Robotic vacuum cleaners are nothing new,  but still Vorwerk VK100 stands out in the crowd. The Vorwerk VK 100 is easy to operate and comes with an innovative laser detection system.

The device holds a LCD display and intuitive menu navigation. You can easily program the VR 100. The innovative laser detection system systematically navigates through your home and thoroughly cleans all around the floor. The device is provided with optical sensors that detect the objects in the path and avoid falling down the stairs.

The filter system in the vacuum cleaner ensures that all the dust is vacuumed up. Users can see when the dust collector is full and it is easy to empty the dust collector. The filter can be removed and cleaned to guarantee the performance.

The Vorwerk VK 100 sports a powerful lithium-ion battery which promises 1 hour of reliable cleaning on full power. If programmed, then the robot vacuum cleaner will automatically return to its charging station to recharge.

The effective brush system of the vacuum cleaner even removes pet hair. The rotating brushes and the special corner brush clean every corner of the room, right up to edges, and even under beds and furniture. The device weighs around 5 kg and perfect one to clean your carpets and hard floors.

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