Review: Razer BlackShark Gaming Headset

BlackShark, the new headset device from Razer, aims to bring in a an ultimately rocking  gaming experience to its customers.

Inspired from the military-style aviation headphones, BlackShark is much heavier than the plastic-only headsets that are currently available in the  market place.

It sports a metal headband coated with a leather-like cushion and exposed cables.

Each earcup has a thumbscrew to adjust the size of the headset and the settings will remain the same after you take them off. A vertical and horizontal pivot point is provided in each earcup for comfort.

The rubber covered cable attached to the headset measures over four foot and ends in a combined 3.5mm audio and mic jack. Razer has also included an extra three-foot extension cable that splits down to separate audio and mic jack.

BlackShark lacks an  in-line control system for volume and muting. The headset is comfortable to wear and blocks the unwanted noise and the microphone in the headset is usable for Skype calls and in-game communications.


The device works well with almost all portable devices but still you feel awkward to wear it in public due to its large size and heavy weight.


  • Very clear sound
  • Strong construction
  • Distinctive style
  • Works with portable device
  • Metal head band
  • Comfortable

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