Review: PowerTrekk Portable Fuel Cell Charger

Two years ago, MyFC introduced its portable fuel cell charger, the PowerTrekk and announced a 2012 release. But later the release date was shifted to Spring of 2013.

Those who are unaware about the PowerTrekk, it is a fuel cell charger that allows users to charge mobile phones or any other portable devices without an electric socket. All you need is a tablespoon of water.

At Macworld/iWorld, the company demonstrated the PowerTrekk device to its audience. The device follows the same concept utilized in prototype fuel-cell vehicles. It produces electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

By adding a tablespoon of water and a fresh myFC PowerTrekk puck, it becomes a fuel cell and separates hydrogen and oxygen from the water you add. The PowerTrekk generates 5 volts of power at 1 amp for four hours. It also sports a lithium-ion battery, to store the electricity.

Certainly it is a unique technology but still  has some setbacks. It is a very impractical method for charging your device but perfect for those on hiking, camping, sailing, or preparing for a natural disaster. At such times, the value of instant-power is priceless.

The PowerTrekk will go on sale from the beginning of March and will be available at $229.

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