Review: Motorola RAZR HD LTE

The Motorola RAZR HD LTE is an upcoming mobile device from Motorola that promises a lot of improvements than the original RAZR.

The 4.7 inch Super AMOLED display is vivid and bright and gives excellent viewing angles. The screen resolution of 1the device is 280x 720 with limited bezel.

Under the hood, this new RAZR HD includes a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and an 8 megapixel camera. The 12 GB of inbuilt memory is expandable up to 32 GB via microSD memory card.

The high-capacity 2530 mAh Li-ion battery will provide up to 16 hours of talk-time or seven hours of YouTube HD shows.

This battery also provides around 20 hours of music playback, or about 6 hours of Internet surf at LTE speeds.

The device is pre-installed with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Motorola ensures the Android 4.1Jelly Bean update in the near future.

Other significant features in the new RAZR HD is its microSIM and microSD slot. Motorola has selected an iPhone-like tray that can be unlocked by using a pin.

The back of the RAZR HD is made of strong Kevlar material that is coated with a water-resistant film and it should protect the phone from elements.


The Motorola RAZR HD LTE is sharp device with good features, excellent battery performance and speed.


4.7 inch Super AMOLED display

1280x 720 resolution

1.5GHz dual-core processor

1GB of RAM

Android 4.0 Ice CreamSandwich

2530 mAh Li-Ion battery

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