Review: Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S III

Mophie is always famous for their extra battery packs for iPhone. But this time the company has concentrated on Samsung Galaxy SIII and introduced a juice pack for the device.

Well, Samsung Galaxy S III is a favorite device of many but it has issues with its battery life and this Morphie Juice pack could solve the problem.

Mophie battery pack will double your Galaxy S III’s battery life up to 16 hours with minimal use and around 6-7 hours with heavy use. But the device will add a little weight to the mobile device.

On the device there is a USB socket that acts like a passthrough and you can still transfer data with the juice pack attached. On the back of the case there is a switch that permits to stop the charging. The indicator lights are provided to inform the status of the pack.

The device is reasonably priced and available with a price tag of £80.


Well, Mophie’s juice pack adds a little weight to the Galaxy S III device and thus it destroy the sleek and lightweight nature of the phone but for £80, it is a nicely designed and impressive juice pack that offers a honest battery life.

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