Review: Logitech TV Cam HD

The idea of the TV Cam HD is an old one. It works on the same way as any webcam on top of your computer monitor. Recently the tech giant Logitech has introduced their TV Cam HD into the market which offers Skype on television.


With the introduction of large LCD TVs, people would love to use Skype on their television set. A few smart TVs on market offer Skype feature as an integrated option in their product but still a large number of HDTVs do not possess this function. And with this innovative TV cam HD,  Logitech helps those customers who want to upgrade their television to video chat.

The device can work with any HDMI-enabled television and can connect to WiFi or any Wired Ethernet. The whole package includes an HDMI cable, the power brick, a small remote and the user documentation. It has a leg that keeps it in place, and allows you to position the camera and tweak the angle. The device also includes a power lead and an HDMI cable that lets the television into a video phone.

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