Review: Logitech Harmony Touch

Logitech has introduced its latest model of Harmony range of universal remote controls, and it is named the Harmony Touch.

Logitech’s Harmony Touch lacks a keypad and comes with an enlarged color screen. Setting up the device is a simple process, as the software included on the CD is informative and easy to understand.


After adding your devices, there is a simple process of creating Activities. There are simple shortcuts that turn on and control the correct devices depending on your actions.

However, sometimes the remote and devices can get a bit mixed up, with certain devices turning on, or switching to the wrong input. But you can depend on the help icon to sort most of these problems.

The Harmony Touch remote has a strong built quality and a nice weight. The touchscreen is large and highly responsive and comes with simple Interface. The physical buttons are a bit overly sensitive, so it causes accidental channel changes.


Logitech’s Harmony Touch remote control packs excellent features like a large touchscreen, rechargeable dock and easy interface. Unfortunately, the remote is very expensive and the buttons are highly sensitive.

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