Review: Kobo Aura HD

Kobo’s new Aura HD e-reader features the highest-resolution screen on an e-reader. The Aura HD comes with a 6.8-inch E Ink display, which has 1440 x 1080 pixel resolution.

The Aura HD has a sculpted back and feels heavier than its competitors. The e-reader measures 6.9 x 5.1 x 0.5-inch in dimension and weighs 8.5 ounces.

Kobo Aura HD

A red colored power button sits at the top edge, where as a small battery LED light and a Comfort Light backlight button are provided to the left. A microSD card slot and the microUSB port are placed at the bottom edge. Kobo’s e-reader comes with 4GB of built-in storage, which can be expanded up to 32GB via microSD card.

As earlier mentioned, the best feature of the Kobo is its display technology ClarityScreen+. It offers a clearest, brightest and crispest reading experience.  According to the company, the ClarityScreen+ is the most durable E Ink e-reader on the market.

The Aura HD’s interface is easy to navigate. From the home screen you can see read content, book recommendations, reading stats and any other apps. The manufacturer has included a 1-GHz processor under the hood, which turn pages 20 percent faster than its competitor.

It is also pre-loaded with Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate dictionary and offers 10 font styles in 24 sizes. The battery of the device will lasts up to two months with the light on or off.


The Kobo Aura HD offers the highest resolution display with the brightest backlight. But it is priced at $169, which is $50 more than its competitors like Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Barnes & Noble Nook.

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