Review: Kenu Airframe [Video]

An Apple enthusiast keeps other devices away – well, most of the time. They are connoisseurs of the great designs from Apple, whether it is a sleek curve of a new iMac or the minimalist slab of the iPhone 5. So, there is every reason for such a person to be attracted to the Kenu Airframe.


This phone mount for your car is simple, light weight and suits present and upcoming Apple smartphones. And you get it for $24.95.

The Kenu Airframe uses a soft plastic clip, which can rotate 90 degrees to attach to an air vent of your car. That clip is properly fitted on the thick or thin grills on the air vent. Hats off for this idea of mounting smartphone to air vent, as in hot conditions with air conditioners turned on, its brings a cooling effect reducing overheating.


The other normal car mounts we see use a suction cup to mount to the front window of the car. Placing your phone over there makes less sense because in hot dry conditions it may pop off and your phone might fall of if exposed to sun for a while.

This one is rather expensive compared to other car mounts that are available for as little as $3.57. Well, if you are looking for an unobtrusive and functional car mount, go grab the Kenu Airframe.

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