Review: JH Audio JH16 Pro with Freqphase Custom In-Ear Monitor

Chances are that you have never heard of such an IEM  before. What we are talking about here is the  world’s first Custom In-Ear Monitor with 8 drivers per ear, and it offers double dual low-frequency drivers offer lower distortion, increased headroom and greater detail and accuracy. JH Audio’s in-ear monitors are well-known. Their JH16 Pro devices were first introduced back in 2010 and now the company is introducing its new Freqphase technology to the JH16 Pro and JH13 Pro line.

JH Audio JH16 Pro

The JH16 offers the world’s first phase-coherent audio in an earphone that provides a more accurate, natural and authentic sound. The new JH16 Pro with Freqphase is similar to the original JH16 Pro and packs eight drivers per ear, double dual lows, a single dual mid, and a single dual high. The custom-made, hand-made unit also includes an integrated 3-way crossover.

You’ll need to take an ear-mold and send those impressions off to JH Audio. You can pick your custom color-scheme from a variety of options. It will take almost 25-30 days to arrive at your doorstep.

The first JH16 Pros were excellent for their accuracy and for the strength of their sound. The new ones feel even incredible, as they  have a broader soundstage and a focused speaker setup than earphones. They are available at a starting price of $1,149.


The customized JH16 Pro IEMs are a luxury in a world where low-cost custom earphones are becoming more widely available. But for a true music lover, the JH16 Pro and Freqphase are worthwhile.

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