Review: HAND Stylus Capacitive Stylus

The new HAND Stylus offers some great features that are absent in most styluses available on the market. It resembles a drafting pen or pencil and available in 11 anodized aluminum colors.

The stylus design makes it comfortable to grip. The removable pocket clip in the stylus gives you a handy way to keep the stylus right when you are not using it. The clip is steel and the cover is magnetized.

HANDStylus Capacitive Stylus

Also the special structure on the surface of the metal provides extra grip to your fingertips and offers precision.

The HAND Stylus tip is just 4mm in diameter, which means its tip is smaller than other rubber tipped styluses. The best feature of this stylus is its tip, which is retractable like a ballpoint pen.

Once a tip become damaged, a new tip can be quickly fitted, with out any tool or glue. Six new tips are available for $9.95 from the company.

For those who want to purchase the Hand Stylus, it is now available for $29.95 from the Hand Stylus website.


The HAND Stylus is an excellent iPad touchscreen capacitive stylus which is perfectly designed for everyday use.

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