Review: Denon AH-W150 Bluetooth Headsets

Denon’s new AH-W150 is a pair of wireless headphones that is ideal when you are out on a run. These wireless headphones are introduced with integrated controls and perspiration resistant that make them usable even while exercising.

They are brightly colored and sit perfectly over the outer edge of your ear with actual eartips sitting in your ear canal.

A multitasking play/pause/skip buttons and individual volume buttons are situated on the earphone and they are big enough to find while running.

The Denon AH-W150 sports headphones that are Bluetooth3.0 compatible and can easily pair with your phone or MP3 player. The headphones produce amazing sound that delivers plenty of bass and volume.

Though the company offers the ability to take voice calls and the headphones come with a built-in microphone,  the call quality is awful.

Denon introduces the headphones in four different sizes (XS, S, M, L) to suit different ear sizes and you can also clean the headphones using a moist cloth or baby wipes.

About the battery, the manufacturer claims a seven hours of batter life for AH-W150 headphones.


Denon AH-W150 sports headphones that are light weighted and they produce clear and amazing voice. They are ideal headphones while workouts but for making phone calls you need some other option.

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