Review: Audi Wireless Mouse

Not a car by any chance, but a car shaped mouse this one actually is. The rig from Audi can be connected to a computer and is a wireless mouse that is soon to be available in India for a price of Rs 5,599. The manufacturer has assured customers of its availability across the country via authorized dealers.

10313-169On the occasion of launch, Michael Perchke, the Audi chief in the country, was heard saying that this wireless device can be used with home or office PCs alike.

The device features 2.4 GHz technology and comes with a scroll wheel and high resolution 2000 dpi sensors.

The device requires a minimum operational range of 6 meters. This car-mouse is compatible with USB interface 1.1 and 2.0 and also can work along with Mac OS X-running Apple devices.

A versatile device, it justifies the slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik’ which translates as “advancement through technology”.

The company has earlier manufactured high-end Classic Chronograph watches, R8 USB memory sticks, messenger, sports, travel and garment bags and more. In the UK, Audi wireless mouse was launched earlier and is available for a price of £47.

This tail-less device comes in grey color. The company is also offering a 6-month warranty for this device.

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