Real Time Translation Coming to Smart Phones

Google is working on a new project that would turn future smartphones into universal translators. Termed Babelfish Mobile, the phones that would come as a result of the project, would deal with real time language translation.


They would work in such a way that when you talk into the phone in one language, the person you are calling will hear a real time translation in their native language.

The project, for sure, would be really helpful to many users. The users will be able to take the phone into another country and use it to translate for him, even in the most remote places.

It looks like many a prototype of the device is ready and that means Google is making headway into this territory with fair amounts of success.

It may be recalled that a a DoCoMo translator phone was demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona in February. But what make Babelfish Mobile unique would be that it would perform the translation in real time, with the interpreted words being transmitted seconds after being spoken.

The biggest issue with the project could be the background noise that interferes with dialogue, which might affect results of translation. However, when used in environments where there is no background interference, the accuracy of the real time translations have been close to 100%. We are waiting.

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