Polytron Gen-next Transparent Cellphone Prototype Out

We already told you about  flexible smartphones, but what about a transparent one? With the help of advanced technology, anything is possible these days. It will not be a surprise when someone claims to have developed a transparent mobile phone.

A Taiwanese company called Polytron Technologies, has already started marketing its upcoming multi-touch transparent mobile phone.


The prototype model uses a ‘Switchable Glass’ technology which uses a conductive Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and liquid crystal molecules to display images. When the device is in off mode, the liquid crystal molecules form a milky composition, and when switched on the molecules re-align to form text, icons, and other images.

According to Sam Yu, the general manager at Polytron, the device still contains some non-transparent parts like SD card, SIM card, microphone, camera, and batteries. But they will be hidden behind a dark glass cover. The company will also develop a smaller lithium ion battery which is less noticeable. Yu also added that the handset will have dual-sided multi-touch display in front and back. The mobile phone is expected to launch at the end of 2013.

The prototype model is not using any kind of OS or software. Meanwhile, it doesn’t seem to be offering any other significant function more than what other smartphones available in the current market do.

Well guys, what do you think? Will a transparent smartphone attract you?

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