Pick Your Best Navigation App

There was much hype about the Apple’s native navigation app for iOS 6, but unfortunately it has reported many flaws. If you are disappointed with Apple Maps then you have many alternatives. Here we list five free or mostly free navigation apps with features such as voice prompts, traffic data, and downloadable maps.

CoPilot GPS

ALK, is behind the CoPilot GPS. The initial download is free, and you are allowed to download country maps. It does basic route guidance, but to use the real app for navigation, you will need to pay a one-time $20 upgrade fee. It adds voice prompts and the ability to recalculate routes automatically when you get off course. It is a good one to find destinations and seems perfect for the iPhone5.

Motion X Drive

The Motion X Drive app cost only 99 cents. For this amount, you get an online navigation app with the ability to preload a map of your route. When the app gets off, it is capable of recalculating a route. To enjoy the full service of the app, you need to buy the voice prompt upgrade, which costs $9.99 per year. The Motion X Drive is integrated with Bing and Google local search, Facebook, Wikipedia locations and Twitter.

Scout by Telenav

Primarily an online navigation app, the latest version includes the option to download maps. It provides voice command and excellent route guidance. To make Scout really useful requires the $9.99 in-app upgrade to Scout Plus. The new app download enables Scout in areas without a data connection, but it only cover the US. The company has recently announced that the app will work with Ford’s Sync AppLink service, integrating phone navigation with some Ford models.


MapQuest is an American free online web mapping service owned by AOL. It is useful for calculating directions. This service provides maps and driving directions to any Web-enabled mobile phone or personal digital assistant. This app and the voice prompts for route navigations are completely free. The app’s format is similar to Apple Maps. You can check destinations on the basic search box and it does not offer any sort of offline mapping.


A completely free GPS application featuring turn-by-turn navigation and supports iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Maemo, Symbian, and BlackBerry OS (beta only). The device has been launched as a community-driven application as it gathers map data and other information from users who use the service. Users can also report accidents, traffic jams and speed traps. The only negative aspect of the app is that it can not be downloaded therefore it works only in an area with a data connection.

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