Photography Apps for iPhones: Try Them Out

A photo effects app lets you make some changes in your images and there are several image effects apps available at the App Store. Not every photo will benefit from all these apps; you need a little bit creativity too. Here we try to list some photo effects apps which can produce great effects. Have a look.


Lumie is a photo effects app that uses brightly colored overlays and simple effects to make drastic changes in your photos. This app works in a very simple way.

Lumie has several categories of overlays and you can browse these categories and add it to your image. After selecting the appropriate overlay style just move it around the image for the best look. You can also adjust the intensity of the effect, by using the touch buttons at the bottom. And if you are not satisfied with this overlay then touch the screen to pick a new one that is more suitable for the image and click the OK button in the lower right corner and its over.

The sharing options in the app lets you add images to your photo album, send via e-mail, send to Instagram, or post to Facebook, Twitter, and other photo sharing sites. But it won’t allow you to open the photo in other effects apps.

What makes Lumie different from others is its simplicity and cool effect, but it doesn’t provide more options than an interesting overlay.


Spacepaint photo effects app comes with a few more features such as adding multiple overlays and free additional effects packs.

After selecting your picture touch the lighting bolt icon in the lower left to add effects. This app packs a huge number of overlays that resembles fire, sparks, clouds and several different things such as rainbow filters, laser-like deigns and neon looks. You can also download a set of smoke effects for free.

The best part of SpacePaint is that, here you have the option to add multiple effects. You can also use a paintbrush to mask any particular part of your image for better look. You have the option to share the images on Facebook or Instagram.

But this app too holds some drawbacks. The interface of the app is plain and it could have been better. Still we think it is a better app to create neat looking images.


WowFX a photo effects app that lets you add multiple effects and work with layers and filters. It is a flexible photo app that adjusts the opacity of effects.

Once you have an image to change this app will allow you to position it and you can even add another photo that blend with the first. You can select from different neon design overlays and able to reposition, resize, and rotate the effect.  You can adjust opacity or mirror effect. WowFX photo effects app comes with an option to browse filters.

You can save the finished image to your photo library or use some other photo manipulation app on your iPhone. The only drawback in WowFX is that there are no option to send these images to social networks instead Instagram. You can’t send it via email or SMS.

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