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Nokia Lines Up 3 Windows Phone 8 Devices for September Event

We all know Nokia is gearing up to launch its new Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th. And it will be a joint event along with Microsoft.

It was a widespread rumor that Nokia is going to unveil three devices on the event. One among the trio is the Phi, the future Windows Phone 8 device. Some sources reveal that the second device is called Arrow, which will be the part of the Lumia series. Both the devices look somewhat similar to Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 900 range.

Nokia is expecting to compete with Apple and Google with the Windows Phone 8 devices.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Offers PureView Technology

We all are expecting the launch of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices since quite a while now. And each moment, new speculation seems to be spreading the Finnish phonemaker’s new Lumia devices.

The latest we hear about the new Lumia line is that it would come spruced up with Pure View Camera technology. It has been revealed by the company that at least one of the Lumia devices would come with Pure View.

Earlier, the company had not been willing to put speculations to rest by confirming the feature. The latest stance makes it clear that Pure View technology in Windows Phone 8 devices is going to be a reality.

Nokia Windows Phone 8 Image Leak Points to Phi Screen

Yet again another image of the upcoming Nokia Windows phone 8 devices has leaked. After the announcement of the Finnish company’s new Windows Phone 8 devices, this one is the second image leak of the devices.

The latest image reveals a 4-inch screen with a close similarity to the earlier images. Earlier picture is expected to be the future Nokia phone named Phi, the first windows phone 8 device from Nokia.

This new screen image includes a front facing camera situated next to the earpiece and a thick black bezel below the screen that matches the old Phi image which was measured up to 4.3 inches. Phi is considered as the new addition to the Lumia series.

Nokia Announces Windows Phone 8 Device

The telecom giant, Nokia, has announced a plan to unveil Windows Phone 8 smartphone in September. Windows Phone 8 is considered as Nokia’s competitor for Android and Apple’s iPhone.

Stephan Elop, the CEO of Nokia has also confirmed the Windows Phone 8 debut in the near future. The rumors suggest the Nokia could launch its first Windows Phone 8 during the trade show in Helsinki on September 5 and 6.

Besides this announcement, Elop has ensured Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system. Although, the company’s new strategy is to gradually eliminate the partnership with Microsoft.

Nokia and Microsoft together had produced the Lumia Smartphone series, but recently this partnership has been seeing some rough edges when Microsoft informed that Lumia handsets can’t run its Windows 8 upgrade.

Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia to be Revealed on September 5th

Nokia, once the world’s largest cellphone makers, is now struggling to maintain a prominent status in the tech world. Though it is evident that it would be difficult for Nokia to attain success in the current day market dominated by the iPhones and Android smart devices, Nokia is not willing to give up so easily.

Nokia is expected to announce its new Lumia phones in September 5 and 6 inHelsinki, during the Nokia World Event.

However, from a technology perspective, Nokia Lumia is in trouble and would look at a major revival with its Windows devices.

New Twitter Update for Windows Phone Arrives

Here’s  good news for those tweeting using a Windows phone. Twitter for Windows phone has just been updated to version 1.5, and already some people are calling it the best-ever update.

The update brings support for notifications regarding mentions, favorite tweets, DMs, new followers and retweets on your Windows phone. With the new update, Twitter actually took a big leap and the big limitation has been covered now.

We still don’t know why it took so long to launch the update.

Microsoft Decides Against Handset Foray; Know Why

Microsoft put its foot into tablet industry with its ‘Surface’ tablet a few days back. From that day onwards, techies all over the world were waiting for the software giant’s announcement about the handsets they were going to make.

But according to a comment from Greg Sullivan, the company’s senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, Microsoft  won’t be focusing on entering the handset industry.

He said that by being a software firm (though tablets are being built as a new vocation) and as a company that is having strong dealerships with mobile hardware giants such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung; Microsoft is satisfied with the current scenario.

ZTE Tania 1.4GHz Windows Phone Launched in China

Stepping on the Windows phone terrain, ZTE has launched its Tania in Chinese markets. Tania is a Windows powered smartphone made by ZTE that made its debut in the UK earlier this year.

Though the phone featured a 1GHz processor, ZTE knew that this spec won’t enable the phone to run on Chinese markets. Thus the Tania, which is to be sold in China, features a whopping 1.4GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM.

Having an internal storage of 4GB, the phone features a 5 megapixel primary camera and a 1,400 mAh battery. With a 4.3-inch 800×480 display, Windows 7.5 can run on this device smoothly and with enough vibrancy.

Dell Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet Gears Up for Launch

Dell had sometime ago faced bad times with their tablets. But the company is not planning on taking the exit route soon. We say this because we hear that Dell will be launching a new Windows 8 based tablet called the Dell Latitude 10 soon.

The device is said to be spruced up with amazing specifications, which should be enough for anyone who wants a decent tablet.

The Dell Latitude 10 is powered by Microsoft Windows 8 OS and will carry an Intel Clover Trail Atom Dual Core processor for better than average power. The device will display a 10.1 inch HD capacitive multi-touch screen at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Acer Windows 8 Tablets for Computex Taipei Showcase

Between June 5 and 9, at the Computex Taipei 2012, Acer will exhibit their latest Tablet PCs that the world has been waiting for quite a while.

Acer, as you already have heard, launched its Iconia A510 10.1 inch tablet PC this month, while the Iconia A700, which is also a 10.1 inch tablet, will arrive this July.

The company has, during the first four months of the 2012, shipped around 400,000-450,000 units and expects to ship over 2 million units by the end of the year.

Although, Acer promises quality and performance, there will be an issue with the price for the customers as it is a Windows-based tablet and Windows based devices will cost a bit more than Android because of the Windows 8 licensing fees.