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Sony Xperia Tablet S Review & Features: It is Worth the Money

The new Xperia Tablet S introduced by Sony offers unlimited entertainment by providing a new way to play, watch, listen, share, discover and connect.

Compared with the original Sony Xperia tablet, this new slate is much thinner and lighter and offers original applications and excellent features from Sony. The device will accompany other smartphones from Sony under the Xperia label, which allows a consistent experience.

The universal remote allows controlling multiple devices of most brands vary from TV to Blue-ray Disc players and audio system using a single button.

Sony LT29i to Sport Xperia TX Name on Arrival

The Sony LT29i has been in the news for the past few months, and now there are rumors that it is arriving in the market sporting the name Sony Xperia TX.

The addition of X in the name probably means it is an advanced version of the Sony Xperia T. Earlier the device was code named Hayabusa.

With the Xperia TX, Sony is stepping into a new naming scheme that will differentiate the device from the Xperia T, which is also going to launch soon.

Both the devices – T and TX – are expected to launch at the IFA inBerlinby the end of August.

Sony Xperia Ion is Good, But Not So Smart [Video]

After a decade of manufacturing cell phones under the Sony Ericsson brand, Sony has decided to take a bold step of making cell phones on its own. All you out there have already heard that.

Sony’s Xperia Ion is the first in the line. Comparing it with other mid-range Android phones, Xperia Ion is a hefty smartphone at 144g.

This 4-5 inch device draws attention with its metal backing and compact feel. This Xperia ion is basically a business class phone. What makes it special is that it is the company’s first 4G smartphone for theUS.

It has some great features, like a splendid multimedia feast and fast data speeds. It is reasonable also when it comes to the price.

Sony Xperia SL Images Leak; Looks Like an Altered Xperia S

Here’s a Sony yet again. The newly surfaced Sony Xperia SL is rumored to be a renovated version of the company’s earlier 2012 flagship, the Xperia S.

The Sony Xperia SL very similar to its predecessor, with a more or less identical chassis design.

The CPU speed has apparently been boosted to 1.7GHz, and it comes in with a whole set of new colors, including silver, as seen for the first time in a set of leaked pictures.

The purple and pink colors on top appear to be aimed at the female crowd, but it is assumed that the phone will also come in a number of standard colors as well.

Sony Xperia J Entry-level Android Phone Shown Sporting Different Hues

Sony’s Xperia J looks like it is a high-fashion, but a low-performance entry. Some photos of this device were leaked on the internet, and it was codenamed ST26i.

The ST26i model name stands for a mid-range device and the specifications we’ve heard so far confirm this status.

It leaked out in May, but it looks like the Japanese company may be getting ready to move into production, at least in its home country.

Leaked screenshots of the handset show off the back of a fairly thin and smooth-back Android phone.

Sony 2011 Xperia Phones Not to Get Jelly Bean Update

For Xperia users, here’s a bit of sad news. Sony has announced that Xperia Arc S and Mini Pro smartphones won’t get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS update.

That’s not all. The Japanese company has clarified that none of the Xperia phones released in 2011 is going to get the update.

Though the company had earlier said that all of its 2011 Xperia phones will be upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Sony announced that the phones won’t receive the next version of Google’s mobile operating system.

Sony Xperia Tipo September Release Foreseen

The UK mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that the Sony Xperia Tipo will be released in two months time.

The phone was first spotted on the retailer’s Coming Soon web page, which gave the first glimpse of the handset and its release date after its unveiling back in June.

There are no details regarding its pricing as yet, but phone enthusiasts are expecting the handset to be quite cheap.

The Sony Xperia Tipo might be affordable, but it comes running on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) operating system which is another nail in the coffin to owners of the HTC Desire HD handset.

Sony Xperia LT29i Hayabusa on its Way

The much-anticipated new member of the Sony family, codenamed Hayabusa, has made its appearance.

Sony Xperia LT29i’s existence has finally been confirmed when it passed the FCC. It is clear that Sony is aiming to substantiate its hold over the global market, after the lukewarm response towards Xperia GX the success of which was mainly concentrated overJapan.

It’s also been said that Hayabusa may yet again be another Japan targeted product. Photos of the curvaceous beauty are all over the internet, showing off curves that bear striking resemblance to the Nokia Lumia.

Sony Offers Free PS3 or PS Vita with Notebook Purchase

Sony is offering students and teachers a free PS3 or PS Vita with the purchase of their certain laptops starting at $746.89.

The deal sounds great, so if you are a student or teacher looking for a brand new laptop for the next academic year, it would be good if you go for this.

The deal also offers a discount on other PlayStation gear instead of the game consoles if you do not need any of them on offer.

Sony Xperia NXT Series Coming This Year

Folks, we might get to see more Xperia smartphones before we step on to next year. We hear Sony is planning to bring out more devices of this category, probably of the second generation NXT series handsets. It is possible that the company will roll out four new Xperia devices.

The new handsets will be called Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia C, Sony Xperia E and the Sony Xperia Y. among these four, the first one – Xperia – Z is said to be the company’s upcoming flagship.

It will get launched in August. We can see the other three handsets soon and that means probably by next month.