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Motorola RAZR V : A Thinner Version of the RAZR

Motorola’s RAZR V is a mid-range of phone, which may be seen as an update of the last RAZR. The main difference is its thickness; the RAZR V is 8.4mm thin whereas the RAZR is just 7.1mm thin.

The RAZR V is more comfortable to hold than its predecessor. On the top of the device, there is a little bump that holds a camera lens, LED flash and speaker.

The device is coated in splash guard treatment which makes the device water repellent.

Motorola Droid RAZR M offers Edge-to-edge Display and 2000 mAh Battery

The Droid RAZR M is a mid range smartphone from the Motorola stables. This successor to Droid RAZR boasts amazing features, considering its low price.

Under the hood are a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core 1.5 GHz processor offering high speed, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and of course micro-SD support.

Above all, this time Motorola has brought to the fore its new edge-to-edge display technology, a key feature in the Droid RAZR M. With this edge-to-edge display technology, the device looks larger than any other 4.3 inch smartphones around.

Motorola Unveils Three Droid RAZR Models for Verizon

Motorola has announced a trio of new RAZR smartphones, which will arrive on Verizon.  The carrier will be the first to offer the Droid smartphones. The new series of handsets include a 4.3-inch handset, a 4.7-inch HD second model and finally a 4.7-inch HD Maxx model.

The 4.3-inch RAZR M handset is the smallest in the group comes with super thin borders.

The device comes with a 1.5GHz dual core processor, an 8-megapixel camera and a 1GB of RAM along with LTE wireless broadband connectivity.

The device runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and users can get upgrade during the release of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Motorola DROID RAZR HD Gets FCC Nod; May Arrive Soon

Remember the leaked pictures of DROID RAZR HD? The latest piece of information we get to know about the device is that it has just got FCC approval. That means the device is on its way to our midst.

The international version of the device comes with LTE radios, with bands such as 4(AWS) and 17(700 MHz).

Well, theUScarrier AT&T is using both these bands. But we are not expecting this device on AT&T carrier, simply because AT&T recently launched the similar Atrix HD.

Motorola Xyboard Wi-Fi 10.1 and 8.2 models Getting ICS Update

Good news for Motorola fans! The company has just announced an Ice Cream Sandwich update for its Motorola Xyboard Wi-Fi 10.1 and 8.2 models water resistant and dual core models.

The Android 4.0 ICS will add some excellent features to the device such as Android Beam, Face Unlock and improved camera.

The other changes happening to the device is its updated browser, redesigned app launcher, improved readability, better image capabilities and redesigned gallery app.

In addition to all these, the new ICS update will also provide photo editor and quicker screen rotation facilities with richer, resizable widgets.

Motorola XT907 Passed Through FCC

The mid-range Motorola XT907 has passed through the FCC, which means the device is on its way to launch on Verizon Wireless.

The sources suggest that the Motorola XT907 has made FCC for certification to Verizon for LTE, NFC, and normal CDMA/EVDO.

The filing doesn’t provide any other specification about Motorola’s upcoming miniature version device. A few days back a picture of the Droid RAZR Mini had leaked out, but it also did not disclose any of the device’s features.

The pictures show the same Kevlar back as the original Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX. The only available information about the device is that it shelters a camera with a flash.

Verizon Motorola Droid RAZR HD to Come Along with Droid RAZR Maxx HD this October

Motorola is ready to launch its Droid RAZR HD, along with the Droid RAZR Maxx HD this October. In 2011, Motorola had launched world’s thinnest smartphone Droid Razr with 7.1 mm thickness. And after its tremendous success, the company launched the Razr Maxx, a device with 3300mAh powerful battery.

Rumors now suggest that Motorola is planning to launch Droid RAZR HD and RAZR Maxx HD, the HD versions of both the devices.

Motorola is known for its conventional designs, but the company will hopefully overcome this weakness when the new devices come out.

Electrify 2 and Defy XT from Motorola Announced for U.S. Cellular

Motorola has announced its two new Android Smartphone devices for U.S Cellular. The two devices are the Electrify 2 and the Defy XT.


The first one, Electrify 2, is the new version of last year’s Electrify. The two devices even look a little bit similar but they possess entirely different features.

The Electrify 2 features a 4.3-inch display and a 1.2 GHz dual core processor that runs on Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The device also includes a Kevlar backing and an 8-megapixel rear facing camera that is capable of 1080p Full HD videos.

Motorola RAZR HD Pictures Leak; Handset Looks Similar to Atrix HD

Someone out there has managed to upload the first pictures of the RAZR HD on the web.

Until now Motorola’s new device was almost hidden and the manufacturer had kept a silence all through.

After the success of the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXXX, Motorola is planning to launch the Droid RAZR by this year itself.

Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Comes with QWERTY Keyboard

After the arrival of Android, QWERTY keyboards have been pushed to a less demand terrain. But for those who are still in love with the physical QWERTY keyboards, Sprint just announced their Photon Q 4G LTE.

This new Photon Q handset mainly features a 5-row QWERTY keyboard and Android 4.0.4, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Other specification include a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM with 8 GB internal memory, 4.3 inch display with a 540 x 960 ColorBoost screen resolution, a 8MP rear end camera with 1080p video capture and a front-facing HD camera.