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Different Avatars of the Apple iPhone

It was in 2007 when Apple had launched its first iPhone. Now after 5 years, the company has introduced their 6th generation iPhone 5 a few days ago. Here is a look at the different generations of the amazing handset from the company at Cupertino.

First Generation

The original iPhone features a 3.5 inches multi-touch display with five physical buttons and comes with chrome plated metal frame. The back of which was made of aluminum with a black plastic base and the camera was in the upper-left corner of the iPhone’s rear.

Apple iPhone 5 to Come Riding MTS and SaskTel on Sept 28

Carriers MTS and SaskTel have announced that they will release iPhone 5 on September 28. Dubbed one of the thinnest phones in the world, the iPhone 5 features a retina display of 4 inches. The total resolution remains the same and the total pixel count is 1,136×640. The screen is bright and crispy.

Dual-band 802.11n wireless connectivity will speed up your Wi-Fi experience up to 150 Mbps.

The A6 chip, embedded in the device, is two times faster than the present A5 chip and will provide excellent graphic performance.

Buying an Apple iPhone 5? You will Need to Get One of These Cases Too

With the Apple iPhone5 now launched, it is time to look for the perfect case. The older cases won’t fit the iPhone5, because it is taller and thinner than its predecessor. So if you are looking to purchase an iPhone5, you need to buy a new case too. Here’s a list of the iPhone cases available in the market.

Incipio KICKSNAP iPhone5 Case with Kickstand

It is the first iPhone5 case with a kickstand. A slim case with a retractable kickstand joins the Incipio line of iPhone 5 cases. This fancy polycarbonate (plextonuim) made case offers decent protection for your iPhone.

Apple iPhone5 to be Accompanied by New Set of Earphones

Apple is all set to launch its new iPhone 5 devices at the rumored September 12 event and the latest information says that the device will also be accompanied by a set of new earphones.

Going by what we find on a Vietnamese site, the next generation iPhone 5 earphones look smaller than the traditional ones with its new form factor.

Unlike the traditional older round shape, the new devices will appear as fitting the ears better and would feature two separate speaker “ports” instead of a single one.

The site also says that each earphone looks like a fully integrated, single unit.

Apple iPhone 5 Battery Specs Leak

Apple is set to launch its next generation iPhone 5 in September and rumors are rife about its specifications.

Though Apple never denied or confirmed any of these rumors, images of the upcoming iPhone’s parts are easily available over the internet.  The latest rumors pertain to the iPhone5 battery.

Sources suggest the particular iPhone 5 batteries run at 1440 mAh, and it is only 10 mAh additional to that of iPhone4.

Compared with its ancestors, it is higher but while considering the larger display size of iPhone5 it doesn’t look like a great deal, because a large display can drain the battery in a very short time period.

3D Cone Helps Snap Up 3D Images with Your iPhone4/4S

We all know that capturing pictures in 2D will spoil the originality of the image, that’s why everyone is looking forward to 3D supporting devices.

And, for the users of iPhone this 3 D experience is still a dream.  But now with the help of 3D cone, iPhone owners can also capture 3D images and videos.

A 3D Cone is a simple invention that is capable of shooting 3D videos and stills using iPhone 4 and 4S.

The device works in a simple way. It will transform your iPhone into stereoscopic camera. The 3D cone comprises two different mirrors that help to take two pictures in slightly different angles which create the 3D image.

Apple iPhone 5 Images Surface in Chinese Newspaper

Apple is always good at keeping secrets; every single detail about the upcoming iPhone 5 is splashed across the internet.

But Apple has never denied or accepted any of the rumors talking about their iPhone. But now the image of iPhone 5 has surfaced as pictures in a Chinese newspaper.

From the pictures, it is clear that new iPhone is comparatively thinner. And, in order to attain this thickness Apple seems to have removed the glass panel on the iPhone, this glass will bind to the LCD.

The pill shaped dock ports in the pictured iPhone is actually a 9-pin one connector rather than a 19-pin connector.

Images of Nano-SIM card leak; Will the Next Gen iPhone Have This?

Photos of the iPhone’s nano- SIM card have leaked. In case you dint know, the nano-SIM cards are 40 percent smaller than the existing micro- SIM cards found in iPads and iPhones.

Though the new SIM design has been approved by the ESTI, it is not sure that if Apple would use this card on their next iPhone device.

The nano-SIM card technology is supposed to make mobile devices simple and light weight. One significant aspect about a nano-SIM card is that it permits the making small handsets with high functionality.

Franc iPhone Accessory Holds Cards at the Back of your iPhone

Every time a new accessory or case crops up for the Apple iPhone, we tend to go after it. Here’s a new accessory for your iPhone, which is in fact a wallet attached to your phone.

It lets you carry your credit cards at the back of the device. Dubbed Franc iPhone accessory, this one is again a Kickstarter project.

So the issue of carrying an extra wallet to hold your cards is solved now. The accessory comes in the form of a clip which could be clipped on your smartphone. It can be attached to the back side of the device. Here you can just slide in the cards in to the slot created thus.

Apple iPhone 4 for $50 at BestBuy

It seems Apple wants to clear retail shelves before the upcoming iPhone 5 finally arrives. As if pointing to that, reseller Best Buy is now offering an iPhone 4 for just $50, which is half that of the regular $99 price. The new offer is available to both black as well as white versions of the iPhone 4.

Of course, the phone holds a 2 year warranty with other incredible features. Hoowever, the Best Buy website hasn’t confirmed, if it is a temporary sale or not.

The reduction in price was announced just after Apple announced that it sold 26 million iPhones in the June quarter that shows a 28-percent growth over the same phase last year.