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Apple iPhone 5 Battery Specs Leak

Apple is set to launch its next generation iPhone 5 in September and rumors are rife about its specifications.

Though Apple never denied or confirmed any of these rumors, images of the upcoming iPhone’s parts are easily available over the internet.  The latest rumors pertain to the iPhone5 battery.

Sources suggest the particular iPhone 5 batteries run at 1440 mAh, and it is only 10 mAh additional to that of iPhone4.

Compared with its ancestors, it is higher but while considering the larger display size of iPhone5 it doesn’t look like a great deal, because a large display can drain the battery in a very short time period.

Apple iPhone 5 Images Surface in Chinese Newspaper

Apple is always good at keeping secrets; every single detail about the upcoming iPhone 5 is splashed across the internet.

But Apple has never denied or accepted any of the rumors talking about their iPhone. But now the image of iPhone 5 has surfaced as pictures in a Chinese newspaper.

From the pictures, it is clear that new iPhone is comparatively thinner. And, in order to attain this thickness Apple seems to have removed the glass panel on the iPhone, this glass will bind to the LCD.

The pill shaped dock ports in the pictured iPhone is actually a 9-pin one connector rather than a 19-pin connector.

Apple iPhone 4 for $50 at BestBuy

It seems Apple wants to clear retail shelves before the upcoming iPhone 5 finally arrives. As if pointing to that, reseller Best Buy is now offering an iPhone 4 for just $50, which is half that of the regular $99 price. The new offer is available to both black as well as white versions of the iPhone 4.

Of course, the phone holds a 2 year warranty with other incredible features. Hoowever, the Best Buy website hasn’t confirmed, if it is a temporary sale or not.

The reduction in price was announced just after Apple announced that it sold 26 million iPhones in the June quarter that shows a 28-percent growth over the same phase last year.

Apple iPhone Demand Off Charts

Just before a new iPhone is to be launched, surveys and polls are conducted to see just how eagerly the general public is waiting for the device.

It was in October last year; the same survey was taken to see what the consumers had in mind. Were they “very likely”, “somewhat likely”, “unlikely” or unsure, whether they would be purchasing the next generation device? The statistics for planned smartphone purchases show a much higher pre-release demand for iPhone 5compared to the nine-month-old iPhone 4S.

When the same survey was done with the iPhone 4S, about 21.5% of those questioned said that they would purchase Apple’s latest smartphone.

Leaked iPhone 5 Parts Appear Different from its Predecessors

Now as the Samsung Galaxy S3 hullabaloos are fading out, the lime light is back on to the Cupertino Phone makers. The upcoming iPhone avatar, likely to be titled as iPhone5 (or is it?) is getting ready in the Apple labs and rumors have already started to cook up.

And here we have some leaked photos of an entirely new case claims to be of the flagship Apple phone.  We assume this could probably be the phone cover for 6th installation of iPhone, as it matches up with some of the previously surfaced reports: touting a metal and glass rear case, and a new dock connector.

The leaked iPhone5 shell appears to have a screen size of 3.99 inches.

Apple Touch Panel Shipments Down Ahead of iPhone 5 Arrival

Most of you have already read about the new Samsung Galaxy S3 handset and the specifications that come along with it. Now prepare to be amazed by Apple’s latest mobile, the much-awaited Apple iPhone 5.

It seems like Apple is also reducing its touch panel shipments by 15-20 percent. They are doing so as they are about to release the Apple iPhone 5 pretty soon. The new device comes with a new feature called in-cell touch.