Panasonic Makes India Smartphone Mart Foray

So many manufacturers and so many models have already flooded the Indian mobile mart. As if that isn’t enough, Panasonic, which already has sold many a device in various markets globally, has now brought forth its latest smartphone to the Indian shores.


The smartphone sales in India will be taken care of by Delhi based Jaina Group, with whom Panasonic has entered into a marketing, distribution and customer service deal.

Panasonic is not a purely new name in India as it had rolled out four durable and secure mobile computing devices that combine highly secured data and device management, a month ago.

Further, it had also launched tablets powered by Windows 8 and Android OS, and they include the Toughpad FZ-G1 Windows 8 slate and the Toughpad JT-B1 7 inch Android powered device particularly designed for simple one handed operations.

Let’s wait and watch as to how the new device  fares in India.

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