Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia to be Revealed on September 5th

Nokia, once the world’s largest cellphone makers, is now struggling to maintain a prominent status in the tech world. Though it is evident that it would be difficult for Nokia to attain success in the current day market dominated by the iPhones and Android smart devices, Nokia is not willing to give up so easily.

Nokia is expected to announce its new Lumia phones in September 5 and 6 inHelsinki, during the Nokia World Event.

However, from a technology perspective, Nokia Lumia is in trouble and would look at a major revival with its Windows devices.

We have seen sales of Nokia Lumia falling continuously and only 4 million devices has been sold till the end of June 2012. This is at a time when Apple sold nearly 26 million iPhones.

Based on rumors, the new Nokia Phone 8 will feature a more customizable start screen, removable SD storage, a new digital wallet hub and better screen resolution.

After Apple’s next iPhone announcement, Nokia’s revelation  would be the second major announcement from a mobile company. Earlier Samsung too had announced its new Galaxy note phablet before the launching of Apple iPhone5.


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