Nokia Windows Phone 8 Image Leak Points to Phi Screen

Yet again another image of the upcoming Nokia Windows phone 8 devices has leaked. After the announcement of the Finnish company’s new Windows Phone 8 devices, this one is the second image leak of the devices.

The latest image reveals a 4-inch screen with a close similarity to the earlier images. Earlier picture is expected to be the future Nokia phone named Phi, the first windows phone 8 device from Nokia.

This new screen image includes a front facing camera situated next to the earpiece and a thick black bezel below the screen that matches the old Phi image which was measured up to 4.3 inches. Phi is considered as the new addition to the Lumia series.

Both the images look different so we are expecting two different devices. This time the phone edges are not curved, and also the logo is positioned to the right, where the previous image shows an updated version for Lumia 800/900 series.

There have been rumors that Nokia is going to announce three devices on September 5th. Present rumors even suggest that Windows Phone 8 devices will launch only on November 2012.

The recent image leak happened from WPCentral, and according to them none of these devices will use Windows PureView technology, a pixel oversampling technique. This technology allows you to reduce an image taken at full resolution into a lower resolution picture.


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