Nokia Ships 10.2 Million Smartphones in Q2

Nokia has announced that it has shipped 10.2 million smartphones, including 4 million Lumia models, in the second quarter of 2012.

These numbers may be impressive. But they are in fact less than what the Chinese mobile maker Huawei Device managed to sell during the period; so the company may even lose the third spot in the segment.

And there are further bad news for Nokia. In all probabilities, the Finish company may struggle to sell its Lumia phones in the third quarter as the existing models can’t be upgraded to Microsoft’s newly-released Windows Phone 8 OS.

However, the latest figures show that Nokia has somehow managed to hold up its share in the feature phone segment with shipments of 73.5 million units in the second quarter, which is higher than the number of phones shipped in the previous quarter or in the same quarter last year.

Sales of Nokia’s touch-enabled Asha models have been active in the emerging markets and the entry-level segment.

While Nokia is going to migrate to Windows Phone 8 in the fourth quarter, the seller’s production partners inTaiwan, including handset ODMs Compal Communications and Foxconn International Holdings, keypad suppliers Silitech Technology and Ichia Technologies and headset maker Merry Electronics, will remain to see their performance impaired in the third quarter.

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