Nokia Maps to Get Featured on Windows Phone 8 in Place of Bing

Windows Phone 8 which is ought to get released by the coming 20th will be featuring Nokia Maps instead of the conventional Bing maps. Obliterating maps from Bing, this new map will also feature 3D navigation also.

It is yet unclear why this sudden change of plans has occurred. But the increasing popularity of Nokia Maps is surely aiding the decision.

Integrated Skype will be another feature of the Windows Phone 8 OS. Skype will be integrated with the user’s contacts in the People hub and will be available not only for instant messaging but also for Voice-Over-IP chats.

Skype for Windows Phone 8 will behave like a regular phone call and will be completely integrated to provide an unmatched experience. Microsoft will be permitting other VOIP providers to work with the Windows Phone 8 OS just like Skype, making other VOIP services just as seamless.

Windows Phone Wallet will be there at its full capacity. The Windows Phone 8 OS will take advantage of new NFC-capable phones to provide contactless payments.

Though this won’t compete with iPhone’s Siri, Windows Phone 8 will feature Voice search that integrates results from IMDB, Yelp, Rotten Tomatoes, OpenTable and the more.

Microsoft was keen enough to provide some creative tools for developers to make good use of the phone’s camera as well in Windows Phone 8 OS.

An example for this will be an app that combines burst mode with smile detection to capture a perfect portrait shot. Native code development is also on the cards, enabling more intuitive applications. This will make migration of apps from iOS or Android easier for developers.

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