Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Offers PureView Technology

We all are expecting the launch of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices since quite a while now. And each moment, new speculation seems to be spreading the Finnish phonemaker’s new Lumia devices.

The latest we hear about the new Lumia line is that it would come spruced up with Pure View Camera technology. It has been revealed by the company that at least one of the Lumia devices would come with Pure View.

Earlier, the company had not been willing to put speculations to rest by confirming the feature. The latest stance makes it clear that Pure View technology in Windows Phone 8 devices is going to be a reality.

Pure View technology is a pixel oversampling technology that allows users to reduce an image taken at full resolution into lower resolution. It allows users to snap up photos in awkward lighting and then add the extra bit of magic in them so as to get detailed and vivid photographs.

Besides Pure View tech, the new nokia Windows 8 phones might also come sporting a new Start screen, dual core processor, NFC and support for HD displays.

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