Nokia Lumia 822 Images Leaked

Images have leaked of the new Nokia Lumia 822, a new member of Lumia family. This device is expected to launch on Verizon network.

The new Lumia device will pack the same features as the Lumia 820. The only difference is its Verizon 3G LTE network and its slightly curved body.

Other specifications will remain the same, such as the WVGA display, 8-megapixel rear camera and a front camera. Probably the other internals will also remain unchanged.

This time Nokia has introduced some design change to their new device. The 822 appears to be in rounded shape rather than Nokia’s conventional design.

The device looks lighter than the Lumia 810 devices and the back appears to be soft but have a high grip unlike the glossy shells that are common these days.

The new feature in new Nokia devices is its Windows Phone 8 Operating System. Undoubtedly this time Nokia needs the right marketing for its devices because this new platform is almost unknown to the customers, therefore they will hesitate to purchase the device.

At present there are no reports about its price details. The Lumia 822 is a mid-range device with reasonable specs, so we expect an affordable price for the device. The rumor says that this Lumia 822  will release after the roll out of the HTC 8X.

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