Nokia Lines Up 3 Windows Phone 8 Devices for September Event

We all know Nokia is gearing up to launch its new Windows Phone 8 devices on September 5th. And it will be a joint event along with Microsoft.

It was a widespread rumor that Nokia is going to unveil three devices on the event. One among the trio is the Phi, the future Windows Phone 8 device. Some sources reveal that the second device is called Arrow, which will be the part of the Lumia series. Both the devices look somewhat similar to Nokia’s Lumia 800 and 900 range.

Nokia is expecting to compete with Apple and Google with the Windows Phone 8 devices.

Although Nokia and Microsoft together produced the Lumia series, its handsets can’t run its Windows Phone 8 OS. But the current Windows Phone 7.5 device will receive an update to Windows Phone 7.8.

Both the devices will come on AT & T, where as Arrow will also be available on T-Mobile in the US.

The third member on the group is codenamed Atlas and it is virtually identical to the Arrow, and will be available on Verizon network.

Though the prototype and parts of the Windows Phone 8 devices have already leaked on the web, Microsoft and Nokia have not confirmed any specification.


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