Nokia Camera Extras App for Lumia Phones; 4 New Additions Now Available [Video]

For all Lumia users in the US and China, Nokia has released an app for their Lumia Users and it looks pretty amazing. Named Camera Extras, the app features 4 new add-ons for the conventional camera app.

The 4 new features are Smart Group Shot, Panorama Capture, Action Shot and Self timer. All these are handy and very much useful in Lumia phones that already feature exceptional quality in images taken with them.

The Self timer add-on is quite simple. It lets you 10 seconds between an image capture and your camera button press. The difference from conventional self timer is that, throughout these 10 seconds, the auto focus feature will evaluate the subjects and provides proper focusing for the captured image.

Panorama capture is already a beautiful thing as the photos taken in panorama view are so life like and it depicts the whole environment of the subject. Stitching of images in this mode for Lumia phones may consume some time, but trust me; it’s worth every second.

The action shot lets you capture still images of moving things and the user can choose from the 8 images which were taken quickly so that he can get the best picture.

This comes very handy while taking photos of sports and moving vehicles. The smart group shot feature looks very intriguing. With this feature, separate faces are analyzed in a group photo and we can choose from the various expressions, each person is making throughout the photo session such that after all these years, you can take a group photo in which everyone will look good or funny depending upon your choice.

In short, this app really rocks.

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