Nokia Announces Windows Phone 8 Device

The telecom giant, Nokia, has announced a plan to unveil Windows Phone 8 smartphone in September. Windows Phone 8 is considered as Nokia’s competitor for Android and Apple’s iPhone.

Stephan Elop, the CEO of Nokia has also confirmed the Windows Phone 8 debut in the near future. The rumors suggest the Nokia could launch its first Windows Phone 8 during the trade show in Helsinki on September 5 and 6.

Besides this announcement, Elop has ensured Nokia’s collaboration with Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system. Although, the company’s new strategy is to gradually eliminate the partnership with Microsoft.

Nokia and Microsoft together had produced the Lumia Smartphone series, but recently this partnership has been seeing some rough edges when Microsoft informed that Lumia handsets can’t run its Windows 8 upgrade.

Nokia Company has had a history of overpowering the mobile market with 40 percent of the global phone market, but now the number has declined to only 20 percent. It is not easy for Nokia to beat their current rivals, Android and iPhone.

At present, the company is struggling to maintain its leading position in the market. But after Elop’s comment, Nokia’s share price has risen to 7.5 per cent.

Nokia has reported around $1 billion loss in the second quarter. The company is facing financial difficulties even though its Lumia has reported four million in sales.

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