Nokia 105 Cheap Entry Level Handset Made Official with Color Display

Budget mobilephones have a huge market in countries like India and China. And Nokia knows this well. It may be recalled that the Nokia 1280 sold more than 100 million units in these markets.

The Finnish mobile phone maker has recently announced its most affordable handsets in the Indian market. The handset is aimed at first time buyers who are looking for low-cost devices. 

Nokia 105

The handset, priced at Rs 1,249, belongs to Nokia’s new range of entry level colorful handsets. The handset that is dubbed Nokia 105 promises a high quality handset and features everyday essentials such as a speaking clock, flashlight and FM radio. These features will attract the first time buyers and youth.

The Nokia 105 will mark the end of black and white screen era in the domestic phone market.

According to T S Sridhar, Regional General Manager at Nokia, the new Nokia 105 carries a fresh modern design despite its budget friendly price tag. And for the first time buyers, its offers a few special features are and mobility.

The Nokia 105 is going to face a tough competition in the Indian markets from others like Samsung, LG, Micromax and HTC.

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