Niiiws Brings You News From Within the National Borders

Boy, there are many news aggregators for the iPad out there. Niiiws from Portuguese startup Muchbeta is one among them.

Wait, it’s not just one among them, it’s got a rather unusual USP.

The app’s got a clean design, it lets you customize the stories you want to see, browse the top headlines in subject areas, save and share interesting stories. That’s what all of the do. So what’s different?

The service’s aim is to show you big media news on a country-by-country basis. Niiiws’ slogan says it all: “the best of the national press on your iPad”.

The app brings you news beyond the global aggregators by putting together stories from professional organizations inside a particular country, Portuguese, Germany or wherever you like.

It doesn’t aggregate stories through a social filter and this one keeps it within national borders.

Why the app is like this? Evidence suggests that many new tablet users are after a more casual, broad reading experience: providing something that can be localized is an interesting way to approach an otherwise-crowded market.

And some people want to read news in their language from familiar sources.

This is your app, if you are looking for something like a localized Flipboard.

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