Mozilla Plans New Mobile OS

We all are familiar with Mozilla, the people behind the Firefox Web Browser. They are now getting into mobile phones. The Mountain View-based foundation is now planning to launch a new mobile phone operating system.

At Barcelona, on Monday, February 24th, Mozilla’s Chief Executive announced their mobile OS. The OS is expected to launch this summer in Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Venezuela.


According to reports, thirteen mobile phone companies have committed to support the Firefox Mobile OS, and they  include Sprint Nextel in the US, Telecom Italia, America Movil of Mexico and Deutsche Telekom of Germany.

Phone makers like Huawei, LG and ZTE of China are also planning to manufacture Firefox phones and these handsets will run on chip supplied by San Diego-based Qualcomm Inc.

Jay Sullivan, the vice president of products at Mozilla said they are looking forward to develop large-scale open projects. He also added that, putting third-party applications on Firefox phones will be easy and it will definitely attract customers.

Well, we think it will be difficult for Mozilla to succeed in this Apple- and Google-dominating mobile world. Both the companies account for 91 percent of smartphone sales. But still the introduction of a new mobile OS seems to be significant, particularly when it comes from a non-profit foundation like Mozilla.

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