Motorola Droid Razr and Maxx Android ICS Update Rolling Out OTA

Finally, the Android 4.0.4 update for the Motorola Droid Razr and Razr Maxx is official. Users can download the updates OTA either by user initiation or by server initiation. Details are now available on Verizon’s website and it is said there that the size for software version is 354 MB.

This ICS upgrade is claimed to make the Droid smartphones even better and more powerful. With this, users’ lock screen will let them do more without unlocking.

There are options for unlocking directly to the camera, text messaging, phone dialer, or home screen. The new Favorites tray remains visible on every home screen, providing 4 customizable links to apps and has provisions to contain the All Apps icon for access to all the phones’ apps and widgets.

New home screen folders will let users to group their apps and shortcuts logically and will aid in bringing an organization of similar shortcuts into a single icon.

Replacing the conventional Contacts app, the new People app offers rich profile information, large pictures, phone numbers, addresses, accounts, status updates and integration with social networks.

This app is designed for easy calling. Providing a dramatically improved page loading, tabbed browsing, offline-reading, desktop mode, and the ability to sync bookmarks with your desktop Chrome browser, the latest mobile browser app also does an incredible job.

Using the new Android 4.0 interface, webtop now offers a more seamless transition from the user’s phone to his computer by offering big screen optimization, significantly improved email navigation, a more complete texting interface, and the ability to surf desktop versions of websites.

There is also a screenshot facility that makes users take screenshots of their phone at any point of time that lets them have a new picture in gallery showing what was on the screen.

The Camera app is so intriguing that it now has a feature by which users can take snapshots just by pressing the capture button during video recording. Physical volume keys on the device can now be set to act as the camera shutter button or to control the zoom. In short, this update was a must for Droid and Razr Maxx and finally it’s here.

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