Motorola Cliq 2 to Receive Gingerbread Update

It is Gingerbread time for Motorola Cliq 2. The Moto device which had debuted in January last year is at last ready to gobble an update to revise its version of Android OS. The upgrade will avail the phone with a range of fairly slick features.

The Motorola phone that sports a keypad along with the capacitive touchscreen was criticized for its mediocre design then. Not surprisingly, the phone is now putting rumor mills on a silent mode with its upcoming update.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread will be available to the customers and can be upgraded via a Windows PC. As for now, Motorola has made no provisions for an OTA update, and Mac OS X will not support you to perform the update.

If you are still in the 2 year maze with the carrier, you may opt for this update. You may need a Motorola’s Software Update application running on the Windows PC and a micro USB cable to connect the hardware.

The new update will equip the phone with a variety of features like improved cursor control, word selection and copy functionality.

New interface icons, updated calendar options and many other app management tweaks are expected to make the Gingerbread experience of the Cliq better.

We also feel that the update has given an adequate focus to improve stability, reliability and performance in the UI.

Batteryperformance is enhanced due to some bug fixes in the OS. Also, Wi-Fi appears stronger and reliable in the Gingerbread equipped Motorola Cliq.

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