Most Common iPhone 6 Rumors in the Market

You can’t imagine a day in tech world without a rumor and when it comes about Apple’s products, they are all time favorites. It is still unclear that what will be the next iPhone- either the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6. Yet, there are widespread rumors about the new generation iPhone. Here we list the most common iPhone rumors spreading in the mobile world. 


Screen Size

At present, it is difficult to assume about the display of the new iPhone. But some rumors indicate that the iPhone 6 will sport a 4.8-inch screen, a much larger screen than the 4-inch iPhone5.A recent report published by MacRumors says that the iPhone 6 will feature a sharp designed screen technology which is optimised for high energy efficiency and ultra-high screen resolutions.


Some says that the next iPhone will be called iPhone 5S, while a few assumes that it will be the iPhone 6. However, it can be also possible that Apple might do something completely different. In its latest iPad Apple dumped the numbering system. It is called the iPad with Retina Display, instead the iPad 4.


Apples’ iOS hasn’t changed that much since its introduction in 2007. Therefore, next time probably they will bring some significant changes to the design and system level elements. Still, don’t expect a huge difference in the iOS.


The CPU in the iPhone 6 will depend on the time when the handset will be launched. According to a rumor from DigiTimes, the company is working on a new chipset design for the iPhone6. The next Apple handset will have Apple A7 processor, that’s why it needs a more advanced manufacturing process.


One of the most predicted change in the next generation iPhone is an increase in its storage. It is expected that the iPhone 6 will possess a 128GB memory without a memory card slot.

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