Mobile Internet Coming to Amazon Rainforests

There are not many places where you can’t get a signal these days. You can’t single out even the Amazon rain forest when it comes to that. Deep in the rain forests, Ericsson Extreme Projects will soon connect 150 villages with the outside world via GSM and 3G connectivity.

As part of this project, Ericsson has already contributed two masts with the hope of bringing education to 25 million Amazonians via the net.

Mobile connectivity will help to transform the lives of inhabitants there. The mobile broadband is expected to allow Amazonians to express themselves to the entire world with pride, and it will also help them to learn to better their lives.

This is a first of its kind experiment. The students in these regions will be provided with laptops and internet connection via the 3G signal.

A modified operating system running apps off servers in the cloud has been developed to store information on central computer servers instead of individual hard disks.

Project manager at Ericsson Connect to Learn Sergio Lopez Ramos said they have developed it to provide the cloud computing for education systems. Other than educational purposes, it also makes a serious impact on their lives.

Around 5,000 people have become the part of this digital wave. Many use this for medical emergencies and health purposes.

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