Microsoft Rumored to be Readying Own Smartphone

Now, don’t ask us if we have a confirmation on this! The big news we hear is that Microsoft might launch its own smartphone in the near future. It is being said that the company is now working on this device named Microsoft Surface Phone.

Microsoft has a close connection with the mobile phone manufacturer Nokia, and therefore the latest piece of news could be disappointing for the Finnish phone giant.

This is simply because Nokia’s new devices entirely depend on Windows Phone 8 Operating system. HTC and Samsung have also announced their Windows 8 devices.

Earlier, there were rumors that suggested Microsoft would be launching their own WP handset, but nothing concrete had happened at that time.

This time around, too we are totally in the dark about this device’s legitimacy. May be it could be an early prototype or test device, a mistake or even fake news.

For Microsoft, it would be difficult to forget their previous failure in the smartphone business. Their previous KIN smartphone had turned out to be huge failure when it came up.

All said, Microsoft has not confirmed any of these rumors. We guess we need to wait.


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