Microsoft Decides Against Handset Foray; Know Why

Microsoft put its foot into tablet industry with its ‘Surface’ tablet a few days back. From that day onwards, techies all over the world were waiting for the software giant’s announcement about the handsets they were going to make.

But according to a comment from Greg Sullivan, the company’s senior marketing manager for Windows Phone, Microsoft  won’t be focusing on entering the handset industry.

He said that by being a software firm (though tablets are being built as a new vocation) and as a company that is having strong dealerships with mobile hardware giants such as HTC, Nokia and Samsung; Microsoft is satisfied with the current scenario.

Thus the speculations that were rising up in the past few days seem to have come to the end.

The major reason for all these speculations was that rival Google was launching handsets and many thought that Microsoft was tipped off by that.

Microsoft did enter into all sectors their rival firms were entering and the same was expected in the case of handset manufacturing as well.

However, Windows Phone 8 smartphones won’t be happening any time soon although MS will be aiding its hardware companions in bringing new age smartphones with the latest Windows OS.

Microsoft plans to acquire a majority share of the OS market by overthrowing Android OS from its current status.

Will the Microsoft’s strategy work? No one is sure about this. Only time will tell.

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