MagSkin Sticks Your iPhone To Fridge Doors [Video]

Here is a new rear skin for your iPhone. Called the MagSkin, it allows you to stick your iPhone on to the fridge door.

You can then use your phone as a note, to-do list or a grocery list.

Stickers or rear skins are nothing new. Though they were of great use, most of them would not last for long. The MagSkin uses a magnet unlike other rear skins.

So it makes the rear skin more stable. It would not lose its grip and there is least possibility of your phone dropping unexpectedly.

The MagSkin sticker suits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Not only on fridge doors, but it could also be used on the exterior surface of cars.

MagSkin measures less than 1mm thick. So it would not considerably increase the thickness of your handset.

Created by Daniel Weyer, the sticker is available in different patterns, design and colours. More details about the product are available on MagSkin kickstarter project page.

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