Lumia 610 Users are ‘Angry’: Skype, Angry Birds and Assassins Creed Not Compatible

Lumia 610 users are angry that they can’t have Angry Birds on their handset. To add more reasons for the anger Skype is also dysfunctional in the phone. The problem is a big setback for both Microsoft and Nokia.

Although a minority, there were many phone buffs who admits that Windows Phone OS is alluring than the Android. As Microsoft and Nokia launched the Lumia phones series, the message was clear for their rivals.

Lumia’s Windows UI appears to have better performance and style than its Android foes. Microsoft had set hardware standards for installing their Windows Software to ensure a HQ experience, which indeed helped them to avoid fragmentation issues Android have faced. This made the OS inaccessible for budget phone goers. Thus Lumia 610 happened, the first phone to employ a 258 MB RAM.

However, the users of Lumia 610 are now disappointed with both Nokia and Microsoft. It’s ironical that Nokia aFinlandenterprise doesn’t support the other Finnish Company Rovio’s Angry Birds. Also Windows phone not supporting the Skype, given that Microsoft is owning them both, is also odd.

Other popular games that are not supported on Lumia 610 include PES 2012, Plants vs Zombies and Assassin’s Creed.

MS says that it is a temporary problem with the phone under scrutiny, and an Angry Birds version for the low-end Windows phones are on their way.

In the meanwhile, high-end Windows phones like Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 continue to enjoy the above said apps smoothly. We hope MS will soon sort things out for low-clock phones as well.


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