LTE Smartphone Shipments to Grow Nine Fold by 2016

At present, there may not be many smartphones in the market with high-speed LTE connectivity. But things could change dramatically, says a recent study.

According to a study conducted by  Digitimes, Taiwanese Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute research firm, LTE smartphone shipments could grow nine-fold by 2016.

The total number of LTE smartphones slated to ship this year is just 64 million.

The study says that by next year, this number will triple to 188 million. And by 2016, LTE smartphones will account for a total of 586 million, i.e. a nine-fold increase from the current numbers.

In the US, two major carriers, Verizon Wireless and AT&T, offer LTE services. Sprint is all set to launch its LTE network this month. T-Mobile will start its own LTE services by next year.

We guess more and more carriers would be considering switching to LTE services now.

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