Low Sales of Galaxy S4 Disappoint Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 flagship phone sales have been  disappointing in the first quarter and the company’s market value fell by $6.5 million. Compared with Samsung’s huge marketing budget, the Galaxy S4’s sales have been very low. The company had spent more on marketing than R&D and expected an operating profit of $8.3 billion for its Galaxy S4 device. but that was not to be.



Though a report suggests that within the first two months of availability, Samsung sold over 20 million Galaxy S4 units, it sales are declining now. And interestingly, low end smartphone makers in the Chinese market such as Huwaei and ZTE have gained in strength.

Samsung has announced a lower priced Galaxy S4 Mini but analysts argue that this handset may not be cheap to compete with its rivals.

Experts believe that, high end smartphone market is saturated, so companies will need to invest in new technologies like wearable devices and smart watches to maintain growth.

However, Samsung has multiple variants of the Galaxy S4 devices set to hit the market in the second half of the year, including a rugged S4 Active, camera-focused S4 Zoom with optical zoom and S4 with LTE Advanced technology. The South Korean tech giant is also preparing the Galaxy Note III device, which is said to be a pen enabled phablet.

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