Local Mobile Brands Lures Indian Customers

Figuratively, a major percent of Indian customers are preferring  local brands such as Micromax, Lava and Karbonn handsets over Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S phones. Here, local companies have adopted a policy of offering pocket-friendly devices with lower price tags, much less than the cheapest Apple and Samsung smartphones. Majority of the Indians have a daily earning of less than $2 and this situation make them prefer the local brands of  smartphones.

India Mobile

If the present trend continues, then the sales growth of the Karbonn Mobiles and Micromax handsets would be more than 300 million by 2017.

A Karbonn handsets starts at Rs 3,599 ($66) where as a Micromax’s devices is available from Rs 3,999. Clearly, this indicates a much less price than the cheapest Apple and Samsung smartphones. An iPhone 4 is priced at Rs 26,500 and a Galaxy Y Duos Lite comes with a price tag of Rs 6,110.

According to Deepak Mehrotra, the Chief Executive Officer, at Micromax India is a fast growing mobile phone market and carries a huge number of internet users.

In the last quarter of 2012, Micromax had increased its shipments to 6, 33,000 smartphones as compared to the 9,990 in the first quarter. While Karbonn also sold over 304,000 handsets in 2012.

Micromax is expected to be the top mobile phone vendor in India by March 2014.

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