LG Thinnest HD LCD Display for Smartphones Out

LG Display has developed probably the world’s thinnest full HD LCD display for smartphones and it measures just about 2.2 mm in thickness. The company claims that its new 5.2-inch (132 mm) display panel features a screen resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and is brighter that full HD phone panels currently available.

LG has not announced when this panel will be available, but has demonstrated its features, adding that results had been independently verified by testing firm Intertek.

LG HD LCD smartphone

The company has also revealed as to the slim LCD display has been created. The company used a new in-house technology called “Advanced One-Glass-Solution”, which has the touch screen layer placed onto the underside of the cover glass, thus combining the two to a single unit.

That means there is no need for a separate touch-screen layer and permits more light to pass through. This reduces manufacturing cost and is easy to build.

More people these days prefer slim designs and lightweight devices. It may be recalled that Chinese manufacturer Huawei had announced that it will soon launch the world’s thinnest smartphone, the Ascend P6 which has thickness of 6.18 mm. Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 meaure 7.6 mm and 7.9 mm thick respectively.

Display, batteries and camera modules happen to be the thickest ingredients in a smartphone as of now. The display and touch screen turn out to be the most expensive components of a smartphone, closely followed by NAND flash memory and the main processor.

As per reports, LG Display held the fourth position in the manufacturing of small and medium-size displays used in smartphones and tablets by revenue last year.

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